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High cost of childcare actually has parents working less to care for children themselves

J. Emilio Flores/The New York Times

According to a new poll by The Washington Post, over 75 percent of mothers, and 50 percent of fathers in the U.S. say they’ve switched jobs, passed up work opportunities, or even quit their jobs to care for the children. This poll highlights the need to focus on accessible, affordable childcare, a topic The Washington Post believes will be a major issue in the 2016 presidential election. One mom, Julie Waltz-Stalker, 31, from Corning, New York, said, “I feel like I’m losing my autonomy, I want to work. I can’t afford it. And as the time passes, I feel more behind and less qualified to go back.” Helen Bank, director of Child Care and Early Learning at the National Women’s Law Center said, “Ask any parent: It’s not working for them. It’s a stretch for all of them. Because we as a country haven’t yet come to grips with how important affordable, quality child care is to our economy.” This week Netflix announced a new paternity leave policy that gives new parents up to one year of leave paid at full salary. Following Netflix’s lead the next day, Microsoft said it was expanding its leave policy for both moms and dads.

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