Lean on me

Executive moms lacking corporate support are creating resources to support each other

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

After looking at other executive moms and wondering, “How does she do it?” high-powered women are creating their own networking groups to pool resources and share advice with other executive moms. Founder of New York City’s Executive Moms Marisa Thalberg, who works as chief brand engagement officer at Taco Bell, said, “Executive moms are an underserved community, a giant niche.” Thalberg created the organization as a networking group to connect exec moms who benefit from sharing advice and friendships. According to Fortune, executive moms share advice on everything from pumping breast milk on the way to meetings, to time-saving tips. One mom who works as a senior level executive and asked Fortune not to use her name said, “I tend to only trade favors with other corporate moms in my personal network because I feel like there’s an unspoken understanding and no judgement.”

Read the full story at Fortune.

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