First child

Chelsea Clinton “deliberately, willfully on the road to greatness”

Chelsea Clinton visits Haitians artisans in Port-au-Prince on July 28, 2015. REUTERS/Andres Martinez

The former first daughter — who gave birth last year and found the time to write a book and who very well could be the nation’s next first lady — is destined for greatness. That’s the gist of an interesting new profile by Vanity Fair that explores how Chelsea Clinton, who for years shunned the media spotlight, has now taken charge of “Clintonworld” and become comfortable operating in the public eye and in a high-profile role with her family’s famed charitable foundation. The article traces Chelsea’s history going all the way back to her childhood when she wrote Ronald Reagan a letter urging him not to visit a Nazi cemetery in Germany, right through her father’s affair with Monica Lewinsky in the late 1990s, up to her marriage and the birth of her daughter last September. Now, at 35, Chelsea seems poised for even bigger things, likely a run for political office one day.

Read the full story at Vanity Fair.

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