Roman holiday

5-year-old American girl losing her vision will get to see the streets of Rome

A little girl from Ohio who is going blind will soon see the magical streets of Rome. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Myers, 5, was recently diagnosed with Usher Syndrome Type II, and will slowly suffer from vision and hearing loss, doctors predict within five to seven years she will be blind. Lizzy’s parents created a “visual bucket list” to ensure she saw as much of the world as possible, starting with her home state of Ohio. After hearing Lizzy’s story, Turkish Airlines’ general manager Tuncay Eminoglu offered the family round-trip tickets to travel anywhere in the world, “This was about helping a little girl who may never have the chance to see the world.” The Myers family chose to visit Rome next spring, Steve Myers, Lizzy’s dad said, “We both felt Lizzy would enjoy seeing the artwork and the statues, and possibly seeing where my wife’s family is from, which is south of Rome.”

Read the full story at The Associated Press.

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