Marching forward

Women in Army Ranger School attend swamp phase for first time

As the U.S. Army assesses how to better integrate female soldiers into its ranks, three women have been slowly advancing through its elite Army Ranger School. In April, a group of 19 women became the school’s first-ever female students. Three remain in training and two have advanced to the physically demanding third and final section, the swamp phase, happening now in the grueling summer heat of the Florida panhandle. The third woman was “recycled” along with 60 male soldiers and is repeating the second phase of training in a mountain region in Georgia. Officials from the Ranger School told The Washington Post that the women have been fully integrated into the training courses and receive no special treatment. The 17-day swamp phase allows students little sleep or food and includes training on things like leading ambushes.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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