Anti-family policy

Single women in China are banned from freezing their eggs

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Despite the Chinese government encouraging women to have babies, regulations on egg freezing remain strict barriers to reproduction for many. Quartz reports that married women face restrictions to accessing egg freezing while single women are not allowed to freeze their eggs at all. The measures are ostensibly in place to thwart black market egg trade, but they also support the state’s efforts to right population imbalances brought on by the one-child policy. As older generations age-out of the workforce, there are fewer people to take their places, causing concern about future economic growth. In recent years, Chinese culture has stigmatized women who don’t marry by their mid-twenties. Quartz reports that Chinese family planning bureaus promote messages like “women should get pregnant in their prime childbearing years, between 24 and 29.” One gynecology doctor from Fudan University wrote in a report for the All-China Women’s Federation, “I would suggest that healthy women have children rather than store eggs as an ‘insurance policy.’”

Read the full story at Quartz.

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