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Lenny Kravitz’s wardrobe malfunction revealed his penis — and a sexist double standard

Rock star Lenny Kravitz really let it rip during a concert in Sweden — so much so that his leather pants split at the crotch during a guitar solo. Many cameras caught the incident both in video and still images and, from the photographic evidence, it was abundantly clear that Kravitz was not wearing underwear. After photos of the incident went viral, Kravitz shared a screenshot of a text message of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler’s reaction to the wardrobe malfunction and posted it on Twitter, along with the hashtag #penisgate. While Kravitz was easily able to laugh off the incident, women who suffer similar wardrobe malfunctions are subjected to severe scrutiny from the media and their fans, E.J. Dickson points out in an analysis for the website Mic. Remember Janet Jackson and the fallout from Nipplegate? And Britney Spears, who was unapologetic about her vagina showing at a 2009 concert, was called “trailer trash” for doing so. Dickson argues these and other incidents reveal the double-standard applied to men and women performers who accidentally reveal too much of themselves.

Read the full story at Mic.

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