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ISIS reportedly executes 19 women who refused “sexual jihad”

By WITW Staff on August 6, 2015

According to reports, a Kurdish official said ISIS has executed 19 females in Mosul, Iraq, for refusing to engage in sex with its militants. Reports of ISIS carrying out horrifying and deadly torture of women who refuse sex are nothing new. And sexual slavery and gang-rape seem to be bedrocks of the extremists’ vile agenda. The 19 women were killed because they refused to “participate in the practice of sexual jihad,” a member of the Kurdish Democratic party told Iraqi News. Meanwhile, Zainab Bangura, a U.N. envoy who’s been investigating the brutal militant group’s sex trade, said the women and girls ISIS abducts and then forces into sexual slavery are often “peddled like barrels of petrol.” Bangura said a pamphlet published by ISIS functioned as a veritable price list and showed girls between the ages of one and nine years old for sale. “Sometimes these fighters sell the girls back to their families for thousands of dollars of ransom,” she said.

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