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Youth basketball team’s 5-game winning streak snapped by nasty display of sexism


The Charlottesville Cavaliers, a traveling youth basketball team from Virginia, were cruising through a national tournament in South Carolina last week. The tykes had reeled off five straight wins and were headed to the tournament final over the weekend. On the cusp of winning a championship, the kids’ title dreams were crushed when the team was abruptly disqualified from competition. The reason for the startling move: One of the team’s players is a girl. That’s right, 10-year-old Kymora Johnson, who alternates between playing shooting guard and point guard, was “shocked” and “disappointed” by the tournament officials’ decision. Kymora has been playing with the boys for half of her life because, her mom, Jessica Thomas-Johnson, reportedly said that when she was five, there weren’t any girls teams for her age group. So, her mom signed her up for a boys team where she’s been a fixture ever since. Kymora’s mom, unsurprisingly, was outraged by the disqualification. “I can’t believe this is 2015, and my daughter isn’t allowed to play with boys. What message does this send to other girls? What message does it send to boys?” Thomas Johnson asked. We’re wondering the same thing. Kymora lobbied officials to disqualify only her, and let the rest of the team play without her. But to no avail. The team’s championship dreams were dashed — all because of a ridiculous rule.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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