Using her name in vain

“Merkeln” could be Germany’s word of the year


Angela Merkel has become the inspiration for the next possible “Youth Word of the Year” in Germany. “Merkeln” is currently in the lead to be added to the list of ‘youth speak’ by the German dictionary manufacturer Langenscheidt. The word, which uses the Merkel surname as a verb, means to do nothing and be unable to make decisions or give your own opinions on anything. The term is up against words such as ‘earthporn’ (meaning a beautiful landscape) and ‘smombie’ (combining the words ‘smartphone’ and ‘zombie’), but the unflattering use of Merkel’s name with reference to her character currently has the majority vote. The voting is open until October 31 when the 10 most popular words will be turned into a top-five ranking.

Read the full story at Politico.

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