PR nightmare

Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan endure radio DJs’ racist and sexist questions

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images


When Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara appeared for an interview with the Rock 100.5 Morning show in Atlanta, they may not have been prepared for the racist and sexist statements and questions from the disc jockey interviewers. One of the DJs questioned the possibility of the two being siblings in the film, as Sue and Johnny Storm, claiming that “there has to be some type of adoption thing going on.” Jordan deflected the question by highlighting various family dynamics that could take place that don’t necessarily relate to adoption. Another DJ commented on how Mara was “hot” and questioned why she had cut her hair so short. Mara, sporting a pixie cut, explained that the shorter hairstyle is for another film, noting that “actors have to be ‘chameleons.'” The DJs, Jason Bailey and Southside Steve, admitted that the interview was “awkward,” but still defended the questions they asked and said the queries weren’t meant to be incendiary.

Read more and watch the interview at BuzzFeed.

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