On her terms

Woman, 75, ends her life to avoid old age

A 75-year-old British woman who had no known health issues recently ended her life at an assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland. Gill Pharaoh, who for years worked as a nurse caring for patients suffering from serious illnesses, said in an interview before ending her life that “I do not think old age is fun. I have gone just over the hill now. It is not going to start getting better.” Pharaoh lamented that she no longer felt enthusiasm for the passions in her life and pointed to what she witnessed as a nurse as a key reason behind her decision. “I have looked after people who are old, on and off, all my life. I have always said, ‘I am not getting old,” she said. Although the decision is not one her husband and children would have opted for, they supported Pharaoh. Her husband told the BBC that a case of shingles about five years ago had a profound effect on Pharaoh, and after recovering, she was never the same. In a blog post titled “My Last Word,” Pharaoh wrote, “I still want people to remember me as I am now — a bit worn around the edges and not quite at my peak, but still recognizably me.”

Read the full story at The Daily Mail.

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