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Transgender teen freezes his eggs before hormone treatment

Eighteen-year-old Cole Carman has become one of the first, if not the first at his age, transgender teenager to freeze his eggs before undergoing hormone therapy. Cole, formerly known as Nicole, had begun transitioning by having a double mastectomy but had not begun testosterone treatment, when he decided to freeze his eggs, a move that would allow himself to have biological children later in life, according to his physician, Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh. Hailing from San Francisco, Carman claims to have been looking into transgender issues since the age of 12, but only really came to understand its definition last year. He has been heavily supported by his parents throughout the process; his mother, C.J. Carman said she didn’t hesitate in assisting him as she had had trouble conceiving, leading her to adopt Cole and because “Cole has always been mature in his thinking and I knew this was something that was really important to him.” According to Eyvazzadeh, freezing eggs is not a new concept amongst transgender people, but is normally something attempted later in life by trans-males when they are ready to come off testosterone treatments.

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