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Woman’s hunting photos on Facebook spark fury

By WITW Staff on August 3, 2015

In response to the outrage and controversy that erupted following the illegal killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, a hunting enthusiast from Idaho has responded by flooding her Facebook page with “kill” photos of the animals she killed on hunts in Africa just last week as the news of Cecil’s demise broke. Sabrina Corgatelli has elicited a new round of vitriol directed squarely at her after she posted photos of herself posing with a dead giraffe, a dead wildebeest and a dead impala, among other majestic animals found on the African plains. Part of the reason for the backlash is her plucky captions that seem to show no respect for the beautiful animal whose life she’s taken in the name of sport. “Such an amazing animal!!” she wrote next to a photo of a massive dead giraffe wrapped around her. “I couldn’t be any happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!” Her enthusiasm for slaughtering animals seems only to be eclipsed by her affinity for using exclamation points, though the former is what commenters on her Facebook page are really upset about. She’s been compared to the devil there. On Monday, Corgatelli appeared on NBC’s Today show to address the furor. She emphasized that the hunts she’s participated in have been totally legal and explained that “Giraffes are very dangerous animals. They could hurt you seriously very quickly.” So, ya know, she’s doing everyone a big service, apparently, and probably would have ended that sentence with two or three exclamation points had she written it out instead of spoken it.

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