"They're just boobs"

Topless women hold “Bare With Us” rally in Canada


Last week, three sisters in Ontario, Canada, decided to go for a topless bike ride and were stopped by a police officer who told them to cover up. The problem is, women in Ontario have the right to go topless if they please — it’s been that way for almost 20 years. Alisha Brilla said during the stop, she told the officer the stop was unlawful and pulled out her cellphone and began recording the encounter, at which point the cop changed his tune about the reason for the stop. Suddenly, she said, the officer informed them that we was checking to be sure their bikes had the proper bells and reflectors. However, the sisters were left with a bad taste in their mouths and they organized a rally over the weekend that was reportedly attended by dozens of topless women — and some men too. Brilla said the point of the demonstration was to educate the public about women’s right to go topless in Ontario, and that nudity doesn’t automatically equate to sexualization. Demonstrators were seen holding signs that read, “Why is my body only acceptable until it is no longer for the pleasure of MEN?” and, “Bare with us. They’re just boobs!”

Read the full story at The Associated Press.

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