Misguided love

Mother kidnapped daughter to avoid vaccination

Many Americans are strongly against vaccination, a stance that puts their children and those around them at risk of disease. In May of 2014, Megan Everett felt so strongly about the issue that she kidnapped her own 3-year-old daughter, Lilly, in order to prevent her from being vaccinated. Despite efforts from police to locate them, the mother and daughter are still missing. On May 13, 2014, Robert Baumann went to pick up Lilly from Everett’s home. Everett’s boyfriend, Carlos Lesters, answered the door, told Baumann that Everett had moved, and slammed the door in his face, Lesters said. Everett had left behind only a note, explaining that she couldn’t allow Lilly to be vaccinated. Everett and Baumann had been together for only a few months when Lilly was conceived. Everett ended the relationship before Lilly’s birth and tried to cut Baumann out of their life. When Everett moved in with her new boyfriend, Baumann said he grew concerned. He was worried about losing access to Lilly, and also troubled by photos showing Lilly playing near live ammunition and surrounded with Confederate flags. Baumann petitioned the court for full custody of his daughter, aided by Everett’s mother, Pam, and her older sister, Stephanie. Everett’s mother told CNN’s “The Hunt” that “It was going to be her way or no way.” Baumann was granted joint custody, alternating weeks with Everett. Six weeks into the new arrangement, Everett and Lilly were gone. “I think if something was to happen to my daughter, I don’t think Megan’s going to go and seek medical attention. I don’t think she’s going to do anything to help the child,” said Baumann. “I want my daughter to be safe.” Everett had other plans for her daughter’s well being and remains at large with the toddler in tow.

Read the full story at CNN.

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