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Cousins Amy and Senator Chuck Schumer team up to take on gun violence

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Comedian and actress Amy Schumer and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, her cousin, held a joint press conference on Monday to call for stricter gun control measures. Late last month, a man walked into a Louisiana movie theater during a screening of Schumer’s new film Trainwreck and opened fire, killing two and injuring nine others, before he killed himself — a tragedy the pair mentioned as the latest inspiration behind the senator’s proposals to deal with America’s gun violence epidemic. The New York Democrat is proposing a plan that would make obtaining firearms more difficult for those with mental illness and a violent criminal history. The proposed legislation would also implement monetary rewards for states that stay on top of entering the proper information into the background check system and also punish states that fail to do so. “The critics scoff and say, ‘Well, there’s no way to stop crazy people from doing crazy things,’ but they’re wrong,” Amy Schumer said during the press conference. “There is a way to stop them. Preventing dangerous people from getting guns is very possible. We have common sense solutions.”

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