Watchful eye

Can a “mom patrol” keep a rough Chicago neighborhood safe?


Every day between the hours of 4pm and 8pm, a group of mothers walk the streets of a neighborhood in Chicago, keeping a watchful eye out for violence. They call themselves “Mothers Against Senseless Killings” (or MASK) and they wear T-shirts that read “Mom Patrol.” CNN reports that the patrols began after Lucille Barnes was shot and killed in the neighborhood; when rumors of retaliation began to swirl, a local mother named Tamar Manasseh decided to take action. She organized a group of volunteers and founded MASK, in the hope that parents—and particularly mothers—can help curb street crime. “I’m a mom who hasn’t lost children, and I don’t want to,” Manasseh told CNN affiliate ABC7. “It’s really hard to keep your kids alive in Chicago.”

Read the full story at CNN.

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