Police uncover Indian network trafficking women from devastated Nepal

At an office at the Thankot checkpoint in Nepal, staff and police interrogate a young woman thought to be a victim of human trafficking. Photograph: Jonas Gratzer/Getty Images

With Nepal still reeling from the devastating April earthquake, Indian police say they’ve uncovered a human trafficking network that’s forced hundreds of young Nepalese women from the most hard-hit areas into manual labour and sex work in the Gulf region. Police arrested two airline staff and two suspected traffickers at Delhi’s main airport this week and took 21 young women into their care. According to Mohammed Ishfaq Haider, the deputy police commissioner, these women “were from very poor classes and were promised jobs with handsome salaries in the Gulf.” Haider announced that the two arrested men confessed to arranging for more than 250 women to travel from Nepal to Dubai and Saudi Arabia over the last three months. The airline employees involved in the scheme were paid to help the women through immigration. “We are now working on the racket and to find out more about this dirty game. This is our first case of trafficking of this scale in this way,” Haider said.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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