Hard line

Christian college cuts health care coverage to avoid paying for students’ birth control

Wheaton College, a private evangelical liberal arts college in Illinois, has announced it will end student health insurance in order to avoid complying with the Obamacare mandate to provide coverage for birth control. About a quarter of the conservative college’s 3,000 students will have their health care coverage cut; they have just a few weeks to look for a new plan before the current one expires. In an information session for students, Wheaton’s vice president of student development apologized for the last-minute scramble the college’s decision would cause. “What really breaks my heart is that there are real people that are affected by our decision,” he said. “But if we don’t win this case, the implications down the road in terms of what the government will tell us what we can and cannot do will be potentially more significant.” Wheaton is one of many Christian institutions and businesses–including, most famously, Hobby Lobby–arguing that the Affordable Care Act is infringing on religious freedom.

Read the full story at The Chicago Tribune.

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