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Weight loss from cancer treatment can trigger or disguise eating disorders


For most cancer patients, regaining weight is a sign of progress and a cause for celebration–but for some, it can trigger a latent eating disorder. Kathleen Emmets, 39, admits on her blog “The Manifest-Station” that she was perversely happy when her weight dropped as a side effect of cancer treatment–and when she started to put it back on, she reverted to restricting her food as she’d done during a bout of anorexia in her 20s. The stress of dealing with an illness like cancer can constitute another trigger: “Food restriction is the one thing that you can do to have some sense of control when everything is chaotic,” Emmets wrote on her blog. Doctors say there isn’t much research on cancer treatment and eating disorders, but patients like Emmets–and a handful of other mostly female bloggers–are starting to speak up.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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