Fourth senior female employee in a month exits Reddit

Ellen Pao, when she was the the interim chief executive of Reddit, in the company's office in 2014. Jason Henry/The New York Times

Reddit’s massive community is currently leaderless. Jessica Moreno, the company’s head of community, has left, citing her wishes to spend more time with her family. In the meantime, she’s working with Reddit’s current CEO Steve Huffman to ensure a smooth transition. Moreno’s statement did not include any claims that her departure was related to gender discrimination, but her exit’s timing is noteworthy considering Reddit’s admin Victoria Taylor, engineering chief Bethanye Blount, and interim CEO Ellen Pao have also recently flown the coop. As Reddit wrestles with its irrepressible army of Redditors and accusations of being sexist, both Huffman and Moreno hope the new content policy, new regime, and other adjustments, will thrust the company into a “much needed positive direction.”

Read the full story at Re/code.

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