Mystery no more

Anonymous donor funding IUD studies and distribution turns out to be Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett (L). Scott Olson/Getty Images

Thanks to a $24 million donation from an anonymous source, a public health clinic in Colorado has been able to give out pricey IUDs to low-income women for the past six years. Though IUDs are unpopular–they’ve never quite lost the stigma of the old-fashioned IUDs that were linked to infertility in the 1970s, and a single device can cost hundreds of dollars–IUDs are more effective than condoms, and the distribution of free IUDs has helped Colorado slash its teen pregnancy rate by nearly 50 percent. The secret donor, who’s also sponsored extensive medical research of different birth control methods, turns out to be a nonprofit run by billionaire investor Warren Buffett. The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, named after his first wife, has been quietly providing funding for policy initiatives and academic research of IUDs for years.

Read the full story at Bloomberg.

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