Study shows male employees threatened by female bosses

National Assembly for Wales (Flickr)

A study on the dynamic between male employees and female bosses conducted at Bocconi University in Milan suggested that men tend to feel intimidated by female superiors. Led by Ekaterina Netchaeva, the study examined how men and women responded to salary and bonus negotiations with a hypothetical female boss compared to a male boss while researchers measured their feelings of threat. In one experiment, researchers found that male subjects felt more threatened by a female hiring manager than a male hiring manager and asked for more money as a result. Women tended to ask for the same amount from both sexes, but, generally their requests were considerably lower than those of the men. The series of tests illustrated that men, and in some cases women, see female leaders, especially those with ambition, as a threat, but they don’t see men in the same way because, according to Netchaeva, “men are perceived to be more deserving and suitable leaders than women.”

Read the full story at New York Magazine.

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