“Train like a girl”

Marine speaks out against lower standards for female officers

Lt. Col. Kate Germano. (Department of Defense via The New York Times)

When active-duty Marine officer Lt. Col. Kate Germano was relieved of duty earlier this summer, controversy ensued. Was she fired for her tough approach to leadership or for being outspoken with her qualms about how the Corps integrates women? Germano’s in the spotlight again for the latter after an article she wrote for the Marine Corps Gazette was cut from publication. The piece, “When did it become an insult to ‘train like a girl?’” was due to publish in September in what’s considered the Marine Corps de facto trade publication.

Her article discusses a double standard in the Corps and how women are held to lower levels of fitness and performance than men. As a one-time commander of a Marine recruiting station and a segregated all-female training battalion, Germano was trying to argue for tougher standards. Gazette editor John Keenan said the Marine Corps did not ask him to cut the piece, but rather he did not want to further complicate matters following Germano leaving the battalion. He added, “Personally, I feel there is a lot of validity to what she is saying about, ‘Don’t hold women to lower standards.’”

Germano sent the piece to the the New York Times instead, which published it in full here.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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