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In Mexico, historic ruling sentences 5 men to 697 years for killing 11 women

July 29, 2015

Se hace justicia. AP reports that earlier this week, Mexican prosecutors made a historic move by sentencing five men to 697 years in prison for killing 11 women near the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez. The state prosecutor said the women had been lured with the promise of jobs, but were subjected to forced prostitution and human trafficking before being killed. Ciudad Juarez lies across the Mexican border from El Paso, Texas, and has been the site of hundreds of killings over the past twenty years. The Chihuahua State prosecutor’s office is calling the sentencing on the charges of aggravated homicide and human trafficking “exemplary and historic.” This ruling also follows last week’s “gender alert” protest in Mexico State where women hit the streets to call attention to the prevalence of domestic violence in Mexico. Currently Mexico is in the top 20 most dangerous countries in the world for women.

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