Feminist leader receives death threats after rapper Tyler the Creator says she got him banned from Australia

Tyler the Creator (Getty Images)

Australian feminist leader Coralie Alison faced death threats and misogynistic attacks after rapper Tyler the Creator falsely blamed her for his troubles obtaining a visa to visit Australia for upcoming performances.

His message was retweeted and favorited thousands of times, leading to a flurry of tweets to Alison threatening rape and violence. Her group, Collective Shout, has spoken out against the lyrics of Tyler’s songs and has campaigned to keep him from performing in Australia. But, they aren’t responsible for his visa issues. Tyler’s Australian tour promoter and the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection clarified that his visa is still under review, adding that a visa can be denied “in cases where a person is assessed as representing a risk that they may vilify or incite discord.” Collective Shout claims that Tyler’s lyrics contain “misogynistic hate speech.” The rapper didn’t do himself any favors last year when he insulted Alison on stage at a show in Sydney, resulting in his group, Odd Future, being banned from performing in a New Zealand festival.

Read the full story at CNN.

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