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Donald Trump called lawyer “disgusting” for pausing a testimony to breastfeed her baby

By WITW Staff on July 29, 2015

Not a day seems to go by without a new Donald Trump scandal or controversy this summer. The latest? The New York Times’ report that in 2011, Trump called lawyer Elizabeth Beck “disgusting” after she asked to pause a deposition to breastfeed her newborn child—an incident neither party disputes. His remark came during his testimony over a failed real estate project in Florida, as Beck requested a “medical break” some two hours into the session. When Trump and his legal team objected, she took out a breast-feeding pump to stress that she needed to feed her three-month old daughter. Trump told her “you’re disgusting,” and left the room. His lawyer, Alan Garten, however says it was “solely the fact that she was appearing to do it in the middle of a deposition,” that prompted the comment. The incident is one of many which the Times pulled from hundreds of pages of sworn testimony in lawsuits since 2007. The real estate tycoon’s campaign for the GOP nomination so far has been marked by controversial statements,  including his infamous claim that Mexicans entering the country illegally are “murderers” and “rapists”.

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