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Power to the (female) people

U.K. politician publishes “manifesto” for combating everyday sexism

By WITW Staff on July 28, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, a contender for the leadership of Britain’s Labor party, has come up with a rather ambitious plan for eradicating sexism in the U.K. Corbyn’s proposals, which are outlined in a “manifesto” titled “Working with Women,” call for better sex and relationship education in schools, better plans to help victims of sexual assault, universal free child care, a bridging of the gender pay gap, and an end to public service cuts, which tend to affect women more than men. Corbyn also promised he would work to ensure that women make up 50 percent of Labor MPs and 50 percent of the government’s shadow cabinet. “Women face abuse, mistreatment and persistent discrimination, and they face it in work, at home and on our streets,” Corbyn said. “The time for timid measures is over.”

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