Topshop stops stocking “tiny” mannequins after shopper calls them out on Facebook

TopShop (Phil Walter/Getty Images)

British retail giant Topshop has agreed to stop stocking an extremely skinny mannequin after a shopper complained on Facebook. In a 500-word post on Topshop’s public page, British woman Laura Berry expressed her disappointment over the “tiny” mannequin modeling her favorite jeans. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the size you naturally are,” Berry wrote. “I believe we should all feel comfortable in our own skin. Having said that, this mannequin is quite frankly ridiculously shaped.” Topshop responded to Berry, defending the mannequin on the grounds that it is “not meant to be a representation of the average female body”– but apologized and said they wouldn’t stock that model anymore.

Read the full story at Mashable.

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