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Terrible scourge

Judge bans father from taking daughters from UK to Nigeria for female genital mutilation

By WITW Staff on July 27, 2015

A London court has issued a new-style protection order to prevent a father from taking his three daughters to Nigeria to have them undergo female genital mutilation (FGM). The mother of the three girls, aged six, nine and 12, submitted evidence that her ex-husband had been pressuring her to have the procedure performed on the girls either in the UK or in Nigeria—though it is illegal in both places. Having gone through FGM herself, in a written statement, the girls’ mother said she had “never recovered from the experience” of being cut, and that her decade-old wound still caused her pain. Both parents are Nigerian. Mr Justice Holman, who issued the protection order, said the woman’s description showed what a “terrible scourge” female genital mutilation was. He also announced he would further analyze the case in August and the girls’ father would be permitted to mount a challenge. It is one of the first cases where such an FGM protection order has been granted. Aimed at stopping the practice, the new legal power only came into being in the UK this month.

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