Golden child

Daughter of Asian immigrants cracked under pressure from parents and plotted their murder


Jennifer Pan, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants in Canada, was regarded as the “golden child,” until her parents discovered many of her successes were fraudulent. Pan was raised under strict conditions with few opportunities for non-academic pursuits. When she received mostly Bs instead of As in her classes, she began doctoring report cards, a practice that grew to faking scholarship letters, a college graduation, and even a pharmaceutical research job at a hospital. Eventually, Pan’s parents uncovered her lies, leading to even more restrictions on her personal life, including on her relationship with her boyfriend. Finding the pressure to be too much, she plotted the murder of her parents with him and three hit men, hoping to make it look like a burglary gone awry. Her mother was shot and killed, while her father was seriously injured. All but one of the conspirators were sentenced to life in prison. (One of the alleged hit men pleaded not guilty and will be tried separately.) The story was widely shared on social media with many other children of Asian immigrants claiming they could relate to the pressure Pan felt from her parents. While her case is obviously extreme, the story did bring to light the question of just how much pressure is too much.

Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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