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Woman makes a killing selling ethical fur fashion from roadkill

Photo via Petit Mort Fur (Etsy)

Fashion roadkill? In a remarkably innovative move, Pamela Paquin, founder of Petite Mort Fur is turning deceased animals left on the side of the road into ethical furs worth hundreds of dollars. Paquin is making … ah … a killing selling her items on Etsy. Her line includes a raccoon neck muff for $1,500, a fawn scarf and belt for $2,500 and a red fox wrap stole for $2,000. Those with smaller budgets can opt for some fur pom pom earrings for $45. Paquin told CNN the fur was, “a wasted resource and I decided after some deep thought that I could make a viable business out of this.” Paquin explained, “I started working with the Highway Department and animal control officers who would report them to me when they had an animal down. They took me seriously, thank God.” Fortune reported that Paquin sews the furs herself, and skins the animals, leaving them in forests for other creatures to eat, “It’s a way for the customers to honor the animal and the animal’s life rather than dissociating from it in the way you have to when you have fur that comes from trapped or caged animals.”

Read the full story at Fortune.

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