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London-based artist creates shower curtains that punish you for wasting water

Genius! Elisabeth Buecher, a London-based designer, created a shower curtain that lets you know when it’s time to get out of the shower, before you waste water. The curtains are part of a line called, “My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior,” and each curtain has a feature that literally punishes a person who showers too long. One curtain is covered in spikes that inflate when it’s time to get out and dry off, Buecher calls it, “a design for pain and for our own good.” Another shower curtain is called a “Trap” and inflates around the person after four minutes, trapping them inside the shower. Buecher said, “These curtains are not really for marketing but aim at provoking a debate around water issues. If you don’t want to get trapped you have to get out before it does and stop damaging the environment. Who wants to start a crowdfund campaign to send these curtains to California?

Read the full story at Mental Floss.

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