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After being called “skanky,” Amy Schumer shuts down interviewer with scathing joke

Emily Shur/The New York Times

When Amy Schumer went down under to promote her new movie Trainwreck on an Australian radio station, she ended up getting a rude surprise. Schumer sat down with two radio hosts, Jane Hall and Matt Tilley of Australia’s KIIS 101.1, and after discussing the prevalence of short costumes in her box office hit, she was asked by Tilley (yes, the male host) “Do you have the word ‘skanky’ in America?” Schumer replied in true comedic fashion, “We do have that word. What made you think about your mom?” Hall (yes, the female host), tried to diffuse the situation, and Tilley then said, “Come on, that’s the character of the movie, I’m not trying to offend you” (obviously he missed the point of the movie). Like the class act she is, Schumer responded saying, “Whatever you’re trying to do, you are. That’s a rude question.”

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