“Gender alert”

Women in Mexico take to the streets in protest of domestic violence

Earlier this week, women in Mexico took to the streets to protest a startling prevalence of domestic violence — 67 percent of women there report suffering some form of domestic violence. Women demonstrated in front of Mexico’s Interior Ministry by laying on the ground appearing lifeless, with chalk outlining their bodies and orange evidence photo markers by their heads. According to the website Latina, activists and public officials chanted “gender alert in the State of Mexico.” More than 2,300 women have been killed in the last nine years in the State of Mexico alone, according to the National Citizen Femicide Observatory. Mexico is currently one of the world’s 20 worst countries for violence against women. This “gender alert” is just one of many protests in the past year in Latin America to bring awareness to gender-based violence. Earlier this year thousands of women took to the streets across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay in solidarity.

Read the full story at Latina.

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