Disastrous ruling

Indian high court denies 14-year-old rape victim access to abortion


A 14-year-old rape victim in India has been just denied permission to terminate her pregnancy by the Gujarat High Court. Justice Abhilasha Kumari reportedly said the refusal was based on the grounds that the victim’s pregnancy was currently in the 24th week, and existing law denies termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks. Judge Kumari did however direct the Sabarkantha district administration to compensate the victim and “take care of her.” The victim’s father originally appealed to the local court to allow her an abortion after, according to the petition he filed in court, she was raped by a doctor she had visited in February for treatment of typhoid fever. The doctor sedated her, the petition said, and raped her after she lost consciousness. Police later arrested the doctor. The victim’s father said she was in no position to take care of the child. Disastrously, the case was rejected by the local court, and this week that ruling was upheld by the high court. This ruling follows a similar case in April where the high court denied another Indian rape victim an abortion in her 28th week of pregnancy.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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