2 teachers hailed as heroes for brave actions during Louisiana movie theater shooting

On Thursday evening, a gunman in a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, stood up during the middle of a movie and began firing at people. The shooting rampage, carried out by what officials described as a “drifter,” left two dead — Mayci Breaux, 21 and Jillian Johnson, 33 — and wounded nine others. Police said the gunman fatally shot himself as they arrived on the scene. The actions of two female teachers, reportedly identified as Jena Legnon Meaux her colleague Ali Viator Martin, during the hail of gunfire won them praise officials. According to reports, when the gunman began firing, Meaux jumped in front of Martin and prevented a bullet from striking her in the head. They were both shot in the leg, but Martin managed to drag herself to her feet and pulled the fire alarm, a move authorities credited with saving lives. “Who knows how many lives her brave actions may have saved,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said during a television appearance on Friday morning. Martin was reportedly treated at a hospital and released on Thursday night. Meaux is expected to be released on Friday.

Read the full story at CNN and BuzzFeed.

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