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Trevor Noah thinks he was an “idiot” for controversial jokes about women

By WITW Staff on July 23, 2015

Trevor Noah, who will take over The Daily Show from Jon Stewart in September, has said he was an “idiot” for controversial jokes he made about women on Twitter several years back. Speaking to GQ, which published an in-depth profile of the comedian this week, he said, “You show me half my jokes from even two years ago, three years ago — I hate them,” he said. “Because you see, like, a young version of yourself. You’re like, ‘Why would you say that? You idiot! That makes no sense.’ Or, ‘That’s just stupid.’ Or, ‘Ahh, I can’t believe I said that about a woman.’” Noah’s old jokes came to light and caused a stir earlier this year, when it was announced that he would be the new host of the popular satirical news-show. He told GQ he no longer stands by those jokes, but that his new attitude towards the comments “shows that [he’s] grown.”

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