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T. Swift apologizes to Nicki Minaji — here’s a breakdown of what happened


The recent Twitter “feud” between Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj that captivated social media users may be over. Everyone’s favorite country singer issued an apology on Twitter Thursday, acknowledging that she mistakenly thought Minaj’s tweet was directed at her and that she “misunderstood, then misspoke.” Minaj responded with a tweet accepting the apology. What started as Minaj’s commentary on the treatment of black female artists in the industry — after her video “Anaconda” was not nominated for Video of the Year —  transformed into Taylor Swift saying that Minaj was trying to put down other women. Minaj, who, as Zebla Blay of The Huffington Post observes, conforms to acceptable beauty standards of blackness, was also nominated for other categories. However, the main critique remains that Taylor Swift took Nicki Minaj’s position, which calls out a system that favors women like Swift, and centered the conversation on herself. What Swift failed to realize, Blay writes, is that this conversation is not about her. While her statement may have been well-intentioned, it comes off as self-centered, privileged, and clueless. However, calling out “white feminism” is not about demonizing the efforts that white feminists and their peers have taken in advancing women’s rights; that much should be made clear and, Blay contends, Swift missed a big opportunity with her self-absorbed response to Minaj.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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