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Surveys show millennial women (but few men) are planning career pauses for children

Alyssa Schukar/The New York Times

According to The New York Times, a variety of survey data indicates that millennial women, more so than their mothers, are planning career pauses to have children. Caroline Ghosn, chief executive of Levo, an online network of professionals focused on millennial women, reportedly said, “They’re anticipating that in some way they’re going to have to dial down or integrate their career and their life.” According to a survey of college-educated professionals by the Center for Talent Innovation, “Millennials are looking for more of a balance.” A survey of Harvard Business School alumni showed that 37 percent of millennial women planned to interrupt their careers for family, compared with 28 percent of women from Generation X. The Harvard survey also showed that fewer younger women than older women said they expected to be able to successfully combine family and work, or have an equal career to their husband. A study by Pew Research Center found that 58 percent of working millennial mothers said being a working mother made it more difficult to get ahead in their careers. Unfortunately, it appears that millennial women have lower expectations than baby boomers. Only 66 percent of millennial women expect their careers to be equal to their spouses versus 79 percent of baby boomers. Men’s attitudes towards childcare are improving, albeit slowly — 13 percent of millennial men expect to interrupt their careers for children, as opposed to only four percent of Generation X men.

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