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Russian beauty queen stripped of “Miss Charming” title after being exposed as neo-Nazi

July 23, 2015

A 21-year-old Russian beauty queen lost her title after an examination of her social media accounts revealed she is a neo-Nazi. Olga Kuzkova was chosen to represent her favorite soccer team, CSKA Moscow, in an annual beauty pageant held by the top 16 soccer teams in Russia. Kuzkova missed out on the the top prize, but was voted “Miss Charming.” Her reign with the title was abruptly cut short, however, when people started taking a look at her social media accounts and discovered, if the photos she posts there are any indication, that she’s an avowed fascist and racist. In one photo she was seen wearing a swastika armband and making a Nazi salute with her hand. In another image, Kuzkova is seen kissing a man and, at the top of the photo, the words “White Love” are printed in white letters. The offending photos were noticed by a group of fans of a rival soccer team that argued for the title to be stripped, and said not doing so would betray all of the Russians who died fighting Nazis in World War II.

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