Indian female success story publishes book to inspire other working women

REUTERS/Punit Paranjpe

In Naina Lal Kidwai’s new book 30 Women in Power: Their Voices, Their Stories, she shares secrets to success with a goal of empowering other women. “For every story that gets out there, there will be resonance amongst thousands of women who will, hopefully, follow in that path, so that we have an army of women who are moving forward in their careers.” As the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School and manage the operations of a foreign bank in India, she certainly knows what she’s talking about. Naina reportedly said, “Life is just a series of goals you keep setting for yourself, and every time you achieve one, you put your head over the parapet to see what else is out there.” A theme Naina said surfaces throughout the book is the supportive role of men — women’s bosses, husbands, and, mostly, fathers. “If the generation of women in the book were to emulate somebody in their work life, the father invariably stood out, because he was the only working member in the family. But Naina said, “Going forward, I’d like to believe I’ll have an influence on my daughter as a working mother.”

Read the full story at The Hindu.

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