BBC names its first female political editor

Laura Kuenssberg (Twitter)

“The Beeb,” Britain’s venerable public service broadcaster, has confirmed the organization has promoted Laura Kuenssberg to be its first female political editor. Previously, Kuenssberg was the BBC’s chief political correspondent and was seen as the leading contender for the position, succeeding Nick Robinson. Tony Hall, the BBC’s director general, described her as “an exceptional journalist” and said “her knowledge of Westminster politics is second to none, but she also has a real flair for asking the questions the audience want answering.” The BBC was rumored to be keen on appointing a woman to the role to give its political coverage more gender balance. James Harding, the BBC’s director of news, joined in singing her praises and said, “Her intelligence and curiosity, judgment and passion stood out in a field of extremely strong candidates.” Kuenssberg first joined the BBC in 2000 and quickly became a ubiquitous presence on the small screen, leading one journalist to coin the term “Kuenssbergovision.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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