Target under fire for selling shirt seen as sexist


Target is weathering a backlash on social media for selling T-shirts featuring graphics that read “Trophy” “Mrs.” and “bride.” The “Trophy” shirt has been the most criticized and a change.org petition has surfaced asking Target to remove the item from its collection. The petition suggests that the shirt perpetuates rape culture and, “Labeling any person as a ‘Trophy’ is demeaning their humanity and objectifying them as a tangible object that can be bought, used and disposed of.” Target responded to the criticism in a statement explaining how the shirts were part of an ‘engagement and wedding’ collection and that they were not meant to offend but were “intended as a fun wink.” The retailer added that it has “received an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests.” This is not the first time Target has come under fire for selling products that have been deemed sexist, particularly on social media. Last year they were called out for a number of things, such as selling a girls’ and boys’ version of Batman T-shirt. The boys’ shirt read, “Training to be Batman,” while the girls’ said, “Training to be Batman’s wife.”

Read the full story at USA Today.

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