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Scientists try to pinpoint what an attractive penis looks like

By WITW Staff on July 22, 2015

Here’s a question we’d never thought would pique the interest of the scientific community: What constitutes a good-looking penis? But that is exactly the question a group of Swiss researchers tried to answer, questioning a group of 105 women, ages 16 to 45, on the importance of specific penis characteristics: girth, length, pubic hair, et cetera. The study, which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, was conceived to help men who had their penises surgically corrected after suffering distal hypospadias (a disorder in which the urethra is located on the penis’s underside), as many of them worried their penises would still be considered “abnormal” after the operation. The paper suggests they shouldn’t worry, because what women look for in a “beautiful penis,” in order of importance, is: general cosmetic appearance, pubic hair, penile skin, penile girth, shape of glans, length, scrotum appearance, “position and shape of meatus” (urethra).

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