Fighting back

Bill Cosby has a female lawyer and she defended his use of “disco biscuits” to drug women

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Wednesday morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, a member of Bill Cosby’s legal team, attorney Monique Pressley, shrugged off accusations of Cosby drugging women, saying Quaaludes, or “disco biscuits,” as she called them, were “commonly done in the ‘70s…not just by Mr. Cosby, but also by other entertainers.” Cosby’s legal team is currently fighting back against the release of a 2005 deposition, as well as a 2006 settlement with a Temple Employee, Andrea Constand, who filed a lawsuit saying Cosby sexually assaulted and drugged her. The 2006 Constand case was settled out of court, and Cosby was never charged with assault. With the details released, a legal analyst for ABC said the deposition is “incredibly damning in the court of public opinion, but as a legal matter it may not make a difference.” Pressley said, “The entire reason parties enter into confidential agreements — the reason parties settle is that they come together to agree on mutual terms, once those terms are violated the entire agreement loses its purpose.” When pressed as to why Cosby hasn’t made any public statements, Pressley responded, “There are 1,000+ pages available in Mr. Cosby’s own words … what we’re seeing so far are headlines grabbing one headline or two … if anyone is being defamed it’s Mr. Cosby.”

Watch the full story at ABC News.

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