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Her majesty

Queen goes off road to pass slow-moving couple with strollers

By WITW Staff on July 21, 2015

What do you do when you’re the queen of England and you’re on your way to church in your green Jaguar station wagon and a couple of commoner parents pushing a stroller slows your roll? Well, for one thing you do whatever you want. And in this case whatever you want is testing your green Jaguar station wagon’s off-road capabilities — which is precisely what Queen Elizabeth did over the weekend. Granted, off-roading meant driving over some lawn that could easily pass for the fairway of a golf course, likely the off-roading limit for a green Jaguar station wagon, in all fairness. Nevertheless, it happened and news photographers were on hand to catch the entire unexpected show of impatience, including the surprised looks on the faces of the young family the queen was circumventing. The real surprise here is that the queen doesn’t have a personal driver. Who would’ve thought?

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