Burnin' up

New summer craze: Sunburn art


Yes, you read that headline correctly. Many people are purposely subjecting their skin to sunburn … all in the name of art. Summer is in full swing and the latest trend has emerged despite the wealth of knowledge about how the sun’s rays can be damaging and dangerous to unprotected skin. By using sunblock, stickers, or stencils to cover parts of their skin and allowing the rest of the skin be burned, sunbathers are creating artistic designs on their bodies. According to Dr. Steven Davis, burned skin can contract and scar, forming Marjolin’s ulcers that, aside from being painful and unsightly, could potentially lead to cancer. Colleen Sparks, makeup artist and esthetician based in Marlton, NJ, suggests safer decorative methods, such as jewel or henna tattoos, during the summer. And there’s always the spray tan technique — unless you want skin cancer. In that case, stick with the sunburn art.

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