Tough criticism

Woman who battled ISIS says Israel is not playing its part

Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Gill Rosenberg, the first female foreigner to join Kurdish forces, has spoken out about how Israel should be providing military training to Kurdish fighters in the war against ISIS. As an Israeli-Canadian, Rosenberg said she felt motivated to join the fight after hearing about the rape and torture of Yazidi women. Upon learning about the ethnic cleansing that was occurring she said, “For me, that was the difference between a regular war and genocide.” She began fighting with the IDF in 2006 and moved to Syria in 2014 with no combat experience to join the Kurdish People’s Protection Units where she trained for a week on Russian weaponry owned by the Kurdish rebels. ISIS has far more access to weapons and training than any of the rebel groups, and while the Kurds and Assyrians are in favor of Israel, they also feel that the country has failed them, Rosenberg said. She thinks Israel has the means to send military teams to train Kurdish fighters and that the country should provide them with more advanced weaponry — but without directly involving itself in the war.

Read the full story at The Times of Israel.

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